ScottCarterImageScott Carter is a leading voice in the precious metals industry. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Lear Capital, where he is responsible for Lear’s strategy development, sales and marketing and operations.  Under Scott’s leadership, Lear has become the premier precious metal advertiser in TV, radio and internet.

Scott Carter is a trusted regular commentator on news and financial media outlets when gold, currencies and the markets are being discussed.


How can you protect your hard earned saving and retirement accounts in a volatile economy. Scott Carter, Host of MoneyFAQS and CEO of Lear Capital is joined by Economic Forecaster and Best-Selling author – Chris Martenson, Author, Financial Analyst and Investment Advisor – John Rubino, Wall Street Veteran, Private & Corporate Wealth Builder, Tom Hutchinson. Find out from the experts how to build a solid retirement and navigate your investments through a volatile market.