We live in volatile times. Global events are impacting our financial lives every day. Investors need experts they can trust to help them navigate uncertain financial waters.

Scott Carter has spent his professional life helping start-ups to Fortune 500 companies achieve success. With 25 years of executive-level experience in the financial services industry, Scott Carter is one of the elite financial experts in the country.  He’s taught thousands of people how to protect their nest-eggs and retirement.

Scott is the host of MoneyMasters HQ, an exclusive online forum where investors are invited to learn from some of the leading voices and experts in various industries including real estate, stocks, options and other alternative investments.

Scott has been a frequent commentator on national news outlets, is a go-to expert for issues pertaining to gold, global currencies and financial markets, and is a sought-after keynote speaker for major investment conferences. He’s also the CEO of PM Capital, where his guidance has made it a leader in the precious metals industry.

If you want to know how to best grow your wealth and protect it for the future, Scott Carter is someone who can help. Read more about Scott Carter.


national foundation of women's legislators

National Foundation of Women’s Legislators

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Hi, this is Scott Carter, and I am in Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota. The twin cities. Now I’m here this week for a board meeting the National Foundation of Women’s…

scott carter

The Power of Mentors

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I was just reading an article about how Bill Gates gets mentorship from Warren Buffett. That’s right. We’ve got a couple of multi-billionaires, but Bill Gates still seeks out advice…