Scott Carter is a successful executive and leading voice in the business world. With 30 years experience in scaling start-ups into industry leaders and growing Fortune 500 businesses, Scott knows how to make money, build on it and protect it.

Instead of a silver spoon, he was born with an entrepreneurial one, and always found a way to generate income. Raised in a small town in rural Ohio, where baling hay and playing baseball were required activities, and growing up in a poor family, Scott learned the value of having to work hard to achieve your dreams. From selling Fuller brushes, to replacing WWII windows in Kentucky, to singing and playing the piano in restaurants (even though he couldn’t read music,) to working as a bookkeeper at a local business while he played pro baseball for the New York Yankees, Scott was always motivated to make money and be a successful entrepreneur.

Currently he’s the CEO of PM Capital, a Utah-based company dedicated to educating people about wealth diversification and helping them secure their financial freedom using a variety of asset classes including precious metals.

Carter is a trusted regular commentator on national news and financial media outlets and he is a sought-after keynote speaker at large investment conferences around the nation. He has taught thousands how to protect their hard earned savings and retirement in these volatile economic times.

Scott has hosted financial TV and radio shows including Money FAQS and The American Advisor and has published many articles that help investors understand how to further solidify and secure their financial portfolios.

Committed to impacting people’s lives, Scott coaches young men and women on how to navigate careers and life. He is a strong advocate for supporting and helping Veterans and for furthering our democratic ideals. He currently serves on the board of The National Foundation of Women Legislators and has served as a board member of The Woodrow Wilson Center.  He is also a strong proponent of higher education, having recently served on the board of a major university.

Married for 30 years and father to three adult kids, he enjoys spending time on the golf course or ski slopes with his family and friends.