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Hi, this is Scott Carter and I’m in Manhattan Beach, California, one of the great beach cities in the world. I was asked yesterday by one of my kids, “Dad, how do I succeed in business?” And I thought about it and it reminded me of John Maxwell. I don’t know if you know who John Maxwell is. He’s a leader and he’s a pastor….and he’s known for his leadership books. He wrote in a book one time, “How do you exceed expectations?” And he summed it up with three simple steps. He said, “One: Come to work early and stay late. Two: Do something for somebody else in the business, even if it’s not in your job description.” And he said, “Three: Thank your leadership or your boss for giving you the opportunity to be at the company and to succeed.” Now, if you’re a sales guy, thank your client for them trusting you with their business.

And it’s just that simple. Those three easy steps. And if there were a fourth or a bonus step, it would be to continually invest in yourself so you learn your skills and you improve as a person. You do those three or four steps and you’re going to exceed expectations and you’re going to be one of those leaders in business that they look to, to take on more and more assignments. And I often talk to my … not only my kids, but young individuals who are just starting their career and they want to short change how you get to the top. And there just really is no way to do it. You have to have experience. You have to have demonstrated commitment and loyalty. And that’s what will get you there. This is Manhattan Beach. It’s just a beautiful day but I wanted to share that with you because I get these questions from my kids all the time and I thought you might be interested as well.

So, to get ahead, work hard. Nothing beats hard work. Thank somebody for the opportunity and help somebody in your job, a peer that might need some help, even though it doesn’t get anything for you other than just the satisfaction of helping somebody and you’re going to find how you become a natural leader. I hope this helps. Thanks. Have a great day.


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