National Foundation of Women’s Legislators – LIVE from Minneapolis

By November 15, 2017Blog, Media

Hi, this is Scott Carter, and I am in Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota. The twin cities. Now I’m here this week for a board meeting the National Foundation of Women’s Legislators. I’ve been on the board for about seven to eight years now, and it’s an incredible organization. It’s made up of virtually all state and federal elected women in the country.

This is an opportunity for business and public sector, the elected officials, to discuss in a non crisis way what’s going on in finance, in my case, or what’s going on from a political standpoint, legislation that they could be considering. For a business person it’s a great opportunity to get out in front of the curve before legislation occurs. It’s also though, a great way for business to raise up issues that might be in their, not only their interest for their company, but might be important that they’re seeing in the marketplace.

For me, I’m talking today about retirement, and the fact that America is not prepared for retirement. How they should invest their money, and how they should become interested in retirement as they look to the future, and they should set their financial goals. I’m hoping the presentation goes well, and more to come on the retirement. Talk to you later. Bye.

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